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Managing cash flow can be one of the biggest challenges for healthcare providers.  Without factoring medical receivables your office could be waiting up to 60 + days for payment from most HMO’s, insurance carriers and Medicare/Medicaid.   These payment terms can cause cash flow headaches for small or large medical providers.

Factoring Medical Receivables is a business tool that gives you cash in hand in as little as 24 hours.  At FactoringFast.com we advance you payment on your third-party receivables.  We get you the cash you need to meet payroll, pay suppliers and invest in your business.

No more worrying about slow paying insurance carriers.  At FactoringFast.com we get you the cash you need.  Our Medical Receivable Consultants can explain to you how we set-up an interface with your data processing system to gather your billing information.  We then supply the provider all the remittance data for processing.  Your office will continue current billing and all collection functions.  Our funding process is quick and easy.

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Factoring Medical Receivables can give you the working capital needed to purchase new equipment, meet payroll obligations and avoid interest and penalty charges for late payments.

FactoringFast.com offers expert financial help to all kinds of healthcare providers.  From small hospitals to sole practice physicians to laboratories we are here to help get your business the funds needed to be meet your obligations.  We help accelerate you're your cash flow!

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