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Invoice factoring is the process of selling your companies invoice or invoices for immediate cash.How do I know if invoice factoring makes sense for my business?

This is fairly easy to answer for most business owners after considering the following possibilities:

How would my business change if all my customers paid in one day?

Could my company benefit from outsourcing some of the accounts receivable work?

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The benefits of increased cash flow will vary depending on your business model.  If you would like to find out how invoice factoring may help your business you can click here for a free rate quote.  Once you know the cost you can determine how your business may benefit by using invoice factoring as a cash flow tool.

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Our invoice factoring programs normally provide advance rates that range from 80% to as high as 95% depending on the how the overall situation looks and the needs of our clients. The invoice factoring fee’s normally range from 1% to 4% per 30 day period. See our factoring cost section for more information on invoice factoring fees and advance rates.

  • Immediate access to your cash
  • Increased sales opportunity with credit worthy customers
  • Credit decision consulting
  • Collection help by courteous professionals, if desired

We also provide same day funding for most of our invoice factoring clients.  The invoice submission process can be made via overnight mail, fax, or scanned images.  We then process the invoices for factoring and then wire or ACH the appropriate amount to our clients existing bank account.  In most invoice factoring relationships a verbal or written invoice confirmation is require before funds are dispersed.  We then mail your customers the invoice with remit instructions to our lock box.  You are also provided real time online access to view the status of each factored invoice.  This allows you to manage the relationship with the client while our company is invoice factoring.

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Still not sure if invoice factoring makes sense for your business? We have several factoring consultants available to discuss your individual business needs by calling 877-876-2803. Our goal is to eliminate cash flow issues for our clients and provide the working capital needed for continued growth and profitability.



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