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California Invoice Factoring Company

Is your business located in the great state of California? We work with businesses in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, and all cities in between providing business owners with the cash flow they need to continue growing. You should consider letting the California invoice factoring company leader put you in position to succeed.

Our California invoice factoring company is a fast, flexible, simple and secure process. Our invoice factor program buys your outstanding invoices at a discount providing you immediate cash. You get your payment for the invoice right away after sending the invoice image to the California invoice factoring company online. Then instead of you waiting 30 to 90 days to get paid the invoice factoring company waits for payment from your customer. Your business is now able to use the cash freed up in any way you want. Most factoring clients use this cash to pay bills, meet payroll, buy supplies, or increase inventory, its up to you.

Invoice factoring in California has been around for about 100 years and some of largest companies in based in California have factored invoices at some point.

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Why choose factoringfast.com as your California invoice factoring company?

We move fast and offer one day set up.  With California invoice factoring company you can be approved in a matter of a few days, not weeks like most California factoring companies.

California invoice factors are flexible allowing business owners to pick and choose when and which invoices to submit for funding to help you manage your own cash flow.

Invoice factoring provides same day funding getting your business the funds needed without adding new debt to your balance sheet.

California invoice factors work with businesses of all sizes and industries throughout the entire state so stop waiting to get paid for the work you have already provided or the product you have already shipped.  Receive your cash and put it to use to help your business succeed and get an advantage on the competition.

When you do business with our factoring company you get these benefits:

  • – Fast approval
  • – Same Day Funding
  • – No monthly minimus
  • – No hidden fee’s

Why not give us a shot to earn your funding business?


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