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Fast Invoice Factoring Process

With some basic information on your company and customers, a verbal quote can be provided within minutes.

Once your factoring account is established, funding for invoices can be received within 24 hours (one business day).

Allow us to offer you cost effective factoring solutions for your business needs.

Your Factoringfast.com term sheet will outline the terms and conditions.

FactoringFast.com will present the best priced factoring program that we can secure for your company needs.

How much does factoring cost?

Typically 1% to 3% of the invoice value.  The exact rate depends on your monthly volume and customer credit quality.

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  • – Sign factoring documents and return to selected factoring company with invoices.
  • – The factor performs their due diligence.
  • – Credit reviews are performed on your customers to determine overall risk.
  • – Your factor provides an electronic bank transfer of funds which is usually 80% to 99% of the invoice amount. You can start using the funds just as if your customer paid you in one day.
  • – The factoring company sends a notice to your customers instructing them to send payment directly to the factor when the invoice is due.
  • – Once payment is received by the factor in full from your customer you will be sent the remaining funds less the factoring fee.

Our fast invoice factoring process leaves the competition behind.  We can often have our invoice factoring clients funded quicker than it takes other factoring companies to issue a proposal.  If you need funded quickly you have come to the right place.  Need it by Friday’s payroll?  As long as its mid week we may be able to make it happen.


Don’t waste time with invoice factoring companies that tell you funding invoices takes over a week to set up.

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