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Medical Factoring

Medical factoring is one solution to accelerating your cash flow from insurance companies and Medicaid. Medical factoring gives you the ability to receive cash in as little as 24 hours and still meet your financial obligations. Medical receivables funding offers your business the ability to streamline your cash flow by collecting on your receivables in days, not months.

Unlike banking institutions, medical claim factoring grows with your business. The more receivables you generate the more immediate income you can receive for recurring expenses such as rent, payroll, supplies and equipment.

At FactoringFast.com we fund our clients in a fast and easy manner. Just give us a call and we can help you get the working capital needed to keep your office going. We offer many solutions and our Medical Factoring Consultants can discuss with you the best options for your business. Our unique program allows us to integrate our system to yours and gather all your billing information, while still allowing your office to continue to complete all billing functions.

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Medical receivables financing is the solution for medical centers, laboratories, diagnostic centers, private practice offices, small to mid sized hospitals and ambulance companies who need to increase their cash flow without incurring additional debt.

Everyday, small businesses like yours run into a cash flow crunch. Just because you are in a medical profession does not make it any easier. Insurance companies can take up to 120 days to make payments, while your office still incurs expenses. Medical receivables financing may be the solution if you are feeling a cash flow crunch.


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