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Purchase Order Financing For PPE

Are you a FEMA approved supplier that has purchase orders but cannot cash flow the potential order?  Coronavirus has put many smaller suppliers of critical PPE in this uncertain situation.  You need funds to pay your supplier to acquire the goods from international or domestic locations.  If you do not have the required deposit to secure the goods or a letter of credit you are out of luck and will miss your opportunity.

We have PPE suppliers on hand that accept our method of payment.  If you have orders for PPE that need filled you may be able to use one of our partner suppliers to process your orders and leave the financing up to us.  No need to waste time with PPE suppliers asking for large deposits or wire transfers before goods can be shipped.

Factoringfast.com is one of the few Purchase Order Financing solutions that can turn around a deal in less than a week.  If you have orders for PPE including n95 mask we can help.  We are able to leverage the credit quality of your customer who will pay the invoice.  This allows us to provide funding even though your company may be small without established credit.

We can offer your supplier assurance of payment or provide a letter of credit so they can get your order processed for PPE items such as n95 mask, gloves, and face shields. Once your order is received by your customer and invoiced we can then provide invoice factoring and you can receive additional funding.  Once your customer pays the invoice you then get the remaining funds less our funding fees.

At FactoringFast.com we fund our clients purchase orders with a sense of urgency.  If you have orders for PPE you cannot afford to waste time and let orders slip away.  We are focused on helping companies that have purchase orders for PPE such as n95 mask, hospital gowns, face shields, gloves for the fight against Covid-19.  If you need your purchase order funding in a week or less you have come to the right place.

You can trust FactoringFast.com to give you the best invoice Factoring Proposal Click here for details

If you have purchase orders we welcome the chance to discuss options. Purchase order financing for PPE is available for small and large companies.

Do you have clients interested in USA made PPE?  If so, click this link to learn more about our partner who is a new Niosh approved N95 manufacturer in NJ.

We are hopeful that coronavirus purchase order financing will help many businesses get involved and help us win the fight against this virus.  If you have orders for PPE and are a FEMA supplier we can help so contact us to discuss options. To learn more about how purchase order financing and  invoice factoring could help your business contact us.

It’s very important that business entities take preventative steps to slow the spread of Covid-19.  Find out what you can do to help slow the spread at these health organizations.

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