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Invoice Funding can speed up your cash flow.

Do want access to your cash locked up in accounts receivables?

Invoice funding allows your business to get paid immediately when you invoice business customers. This process removes the issues caused by waiting for payments to arrive.  When used as a business tool invoice funding can greatly increase cash flow and growth potential.   Many small business owners have discovered that receivables financing makes sense and allows for growth that is only limited by your sales potential.

Invoice funding lets you receive immediate cash for you business to business invoices.   Once you are set up and funding invoices you can use these funds to meet payroll obligations, pay suppliers, or increase inventory.   Invoice funding puts you in position to focus your energy on core business needs so your not wasting time worrying about cash flow.

No longer do you need to wait for customers to pay invoices. You can utilize your factor company to provide up to 95% of the total invoice amount in one day.  The factor then waits for payment from your customers.  Once the invoice pays you get the 5% back less the accrued factoring fee.

Once you start using invoice funding as part of your daily routine the long 30 to 60 wait for payment goes away.  Goodbye unpredictable cash flow and you can utilize your factor to help check credit on your future customers before doing business with them.

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Why choosing invoice factoring?

  • – You control your cash flow.
  • – Invoice funding is not a loan.
  • – Your funding increase as the company grows.
  • – More access to working capital.
  • – Great rates much cheaper than MCA products.

Don’t let delayed invoice payments slow your business down.

How much does invoice factoring costs?

Invoice funding will greatly increase your access to cash.  Benefits of using our invoice factoring program:

  • – Non recourse and recourse programs available
  • – Just about all business to business companies welcome
  • – Low rates with quick set up and funding
  • – We can make fast decisions without lots of paperwork
  • – No added nickel and dime fee’s

We welcome the chance to earn your business.  We will not waste your time and will provide honest and fast answers to any questions you have.


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