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Invoice Factoring For Cell Tower Construction And Maintenance Companies

Cell tower company invoice factoring offers consistent cash flow. If your like most cell tower construction companies your performing services for customers that are solid companies, but take some time paying invoices. This can cause many cell tower maintenance and construction firms to suffer from a cash flow shortage. Invoice factoring or accounts receivables financing offers a great solution to this problem by providing quick cash as soon as you invoice customers.

Invoice factoring is when a cell tower construction company sells its invoices for immediate cash. This process allows the cell tower mainenance company generate cash quickly instead of waiting up to 90 days to get paid. Our cell tower construction clients enjoy cash for invoices within one business day once the account has been approved and set up.

It is very common to use invoice factoring in the cell tower construction and maintenance industry. Its a very fast paced business and is labor intensive creating the need to pay your labor weekly if you want to attract and keep the best talent available. Whether your business is doing full cell tower construction jobs or upgrading technology on cell towers its very likely we are already providing factoring on the customers your billing making the set up a smooth and easy transaction.

Cell tower company invoice factoring can help grow the business

Most business owners realize that waiting around for payments can slow your business down.  Cell tower services is no different as cash flow is very important to grow and add service areas.  If you can see benefits from getting paid the same day invoices are generated then invoice factoring could likely make sense and should be worth taking a look at our program.  Rates are very reasonable with discount rates ranging from 1% to 3%.

FactoringFast.com has changed the way business owners discover the best factoring solution for their companies needs. By completing our fast online factoring quote application you can find out if cash flow factoring makes sense within one business day. If you prefer, you can discuss your funding needs over the phone by calling our toll free number at 1-888-897-5470 and also receive a factoring quote within twenty four hours. Most factoring companies take several days of wasted time to provide the information needed for you to determine if factoring will help your business. We have streamlined the process for our clients and understand that your time is best used doing what you do best.

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Telecom Services Invoice Factoring Benefits:

  • – Immediate access to cash.
  • – Advances made within 24 hours for cell tower construction companies.
  • – Consistent cash flow, invoice get paid the same day.
  • – Factoring rates as low as 1%.
  • – Advances average 90%

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