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Welcome to our factoring information page. Factoring is the process of selling credit worthy accounts receivable for cash. Most of our clients use invoice funding as a financial tool to increase the cash flow within the business. The business climate today demands that small business offer extended terms to play ball with the larger companies that provide the most sales growth opportunity. This business climate has provided a boom in the invoice financing industry with more and more creative business owners discovering how to take on additional sales without straining the cash flow.

FactoringFast.com has changed the way business owners discover the best invoice factor solution for their companies needs. By completing our fast online factoring quote application you can find out if cash flow factoring makes sense within one business day. If you prefer, you can discuss your funding needs over the phone by calling our toll free number at 1-888-897-5470 and also receive a funding quote within twenty four hours. Most factor companies take several days of wasted time to provide the information needed for you to determine if receivables financing will help your business. We have streamlined the process for our clients and understand that your time is best used doing what you do best.

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      • – Immediate access to your cash
      • – Increased sales opportunity with credit worthy customers
      • – Credit decision consulting
      • – Collection help by courteous professionals, if desired

We also provide same day funding for most of our factor receivables clients. The invoice submission process can be made via overnight mail, fax, or scanned images. We then process the invoices for factoring and then wire or ACH the appropriate amount to our clients existing bank account. In most accounts receivable financing relationships a verbal or written invoice confirmation is required before funds are dispersed. We then mail your customers the invoice with remit instructions to our lock box. You are also provided real time online access to view the status of each factored invoice. This allows you to manage the relationship with the client while you factor receivables.


  • Temporary Staffing Firms – Accounts Receivables Factoring can provide payroll solutions so you can place additional staff.
  • Trucking / Transportation – Factoring can provide fuel expense and payroll solutions to grow the fleet.
  • Manufacturing – Accounts Receivables Funding can provide quick pay discounts on raw material and large account sales opportunity.
  • Distribution – Factoring speeds up the cash flow allowing you to take advantage of next day cash turn around.
  • Technical Consulting Firms – Accounts Receivables Financing often allows for additional technical consultant placements without payroll concerns.
  • Cable and Wire Installation – Invoice funding allows for taking on additional projects and funding payroll
  • Companies Selling to Large Retailers – Accounts Receivables Factoring can fill the gap for large orders that require extended terms.

The factoring industry is now purchasing billions of dollars of account receivable annually. In most cases, it’s our typical rapidly growing client looking for ways to reach company goals. We can also provide help for companies that have experience some tough times and are having trouble getting enough working capital with an existing bank credit line. We appreciate the opportunity to provide a cash flow solution with one of our unique factoring programs.


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