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Invoice Factoring For Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies produce a wide variety of goods for all types of industries. Most manufacturing companies at some point need some kind of business financing to grow. When your involved with manufacturing products production cannot slow down when you have deadlines to meet with your customers. Waiting 30 to 60 days before getting paid can put a strain on the operation and make growth just about impossible. Invoice factoring for manufacturing companies can help eliminate the strain created by slow paying customers.

Once your manufacturing company begins using invoice factoring you can start getting payments the same day your invoices for delivered goods are submitted to the factoring company. You can then unleash the power of having immediate cash for your invoices. You can use this quick cash to pay suppliers, meet payroll, or increase marketing to generate more sales. Manufacturing companies across the globe have been using invoice factoring to operate more effectively for over a hundred years.

Factoring invoices for many manufacturing companies is just part of doing business. It’s really just the process of selling your invoices to a factor for a small fee in order to have access to immediate cash. Most manufactures know that if you have cash on hand you can negotiate better terms with your suppliers and often come away with early payment discounts that off set much of the factoring expense. So in summary your manufacturing company gets paid within 24 hours while the factor does the waiting to get paid. No more waiting 30 to 60 days for your money.

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Manufactures Companies That Benefit From Invoice Factoring

  • – Auto Parts
  • – Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • – Aerospace Parts
  • – Machine Shops and Tooling
  • – Plastics Products
  • – Electrical Components and Parts
  • – Packaging
  • – Pallet
  • – Textile
  • – Communication Equipment

Leader in providing funding solutions

Factoringfast has been a leader in providing funding solutions for manufacturing companies across the USA and Canada for over 16 years.  If you feel invoice factoring will benefit your manufacturing company please consider what our experience brings to the table and we welcome the chance to earn your business.  When you use factoringfast you get these benefits.

  • – No up front fees in most cases.
  • – Same day funding without any extra charge
  • – No monthly minimums
  • – Fast funding often in just a few days
  • – Factoring rates as low as 1%.
  • – Advances range from 80% to  95%

Invoice your customers – Get cash the same dayTake an advantage over your competitorsGrow your business to the next level

Do not let slow paying customers make it hard to grow.

Give us a call at 1-888-897-5470 and we can start the invoice factoring process for your manufacturing company.


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