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Invoice Factoring For Small Business

Small business invoice factoring is a commonly used funding process that allows small business owners to strengthen cash flow and have funds available to grow their business.

Invoice factoring also known as accounts receivable finance is available to businesses that have been turned away from the bank as well as businesses that simply find invoice factoring a faster more viable option when compared to a bank loan. Banks often require long applications and mountains of paperwork, while many small business invoice factors can have you approved and funding your invoices with a short one page application and some information about your accounts receivables. As long as your customers have reasonable business credit you should not have any issues getting your small business approved for invoice factoring.

Imagine how your business could thrive if the 30 to 60 day wait for payment was eliminated. Invoice factoring is a fast, simple, secure process of selling your invoices to the invoice factor for a small fee, then receiving the funds into your existing business account within 24 hours. It’s your money so why not receive it today and utilize the cash as you please.

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Why are small business owners factoring invoices?

  • – Meet Payroll
  • – Pay Bills
  • – Increase Marketing Budget
  • – Increase Sales
  • – Take Supplier Discounts


Invoice factoring benefits businesses of all sizes within many industries.  Whether your business has sold and delivered a product or provided a billable service, invoice factoring will provide a fast, easy, simple same day funding process.  Invoice funding can offer these benefits below when working with factoringfast.com

  • – No upfront fees in most cases.
  • – Same day funding
  • – No monthly minimums
  • – No nickel and dime fee’s
  • – Factoring rates as low as 1%.
  • – Advances range from 80% to  95%

Invoice your customers – Get cash the same dayTake an advantage over your competitorsGrow your business to the next level

Are delayed payments causing you to miss opportunities?

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