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Invoice Factoring in California

Does your California business need financing? No matter what size or industry your business is, California invoice factoring is a lending option that takes just a few days to get set up and you will have access to your cash to do whatever you would like with it. Our fast invoice factoring  program will turn your outstanding invoices to immediate cash.

Outstanding receivables can make your California business a challenge to run at times. How often does the waiting to get paid affect your ability to pay your suppliers on time or meet payroll obligations? Stop the madness of acting like the bank for your customers. Invoice Factoring will get you the cash flow needed to keep growing your business in California.

In addition to getting funded the same day the work is completed and invoiced California invoice factoring acts as your business credit department at no extra cost to you. Factors will provide you with the credit and pay history on future customers so you can avoid doing business with non credit worthy businesses that can waste your time and money.

Why not get your invoice factoring quote right now? You may have cash for your invoices in just a few days.

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California invoice factoring is simple, low stress and fast with minimal requirements unlike the banks that require stacks of paperwork with months of waiting around while they have meetings about nothing and are thinking about the next sandwich they are going to eat.

  • – No long applications.¬† Quick and easy account set-up process.
  • – Flexible….You pick and choose which invoices you want to submit for funding.
  • – Access to cash within 24hrs of invoices being submitted once your approved and set up.
  • – No hidden fees.

Whether your business is located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento or any city in the state, California invoice factoring is available to provide your business the funding it needs to help you grow.


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