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Invoice Factoring Service

Most business entities could benefit from having better cash flow. A good invoice factoring service can offer quick and predictable cash flow for business owners. The way it works is instead of waiting to get paid when you offer your business customers payment terms, you get paid right away by submiting your invoices to your invoice factoring service. Imagine the peace of mind this can offer when you are no longer waiting and wondering when that payment is going to arrive.

Invoice factoring services have been around for hundreds of years and its especially common in Europe to factor invoices. Its a great funding tool for younger growing business’s or any company that needs a quick boost in cash flow to achieve sales and growth goals. When the typical invoice factoring service looks at your business during the application process they don’t need to see several years of financial data to make a decision. The reason behind this is that unlike banks, most invoice factoring services can make decisions based on your future, not the past and present time frame. They will be most interested in reviewing the credit quality of the business customers that your planning on invoicing.

Instead of waiting weeks and months for a credit decision from a bank privately funded factoring companies can normally give you a decision within a few days or less. The invoice factoring service that factoringfast.com offers can often have a decision ready within one day and have you set up for funding invoices in 2 to 3 days. It’s very possible to be funding your invoices in less than a week even if your a young business with little financial history.

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What our invoice factoring service can offer

  • – Predictable cash for payroll
  • – Cash flow boost
  • – Invest funds back into your business
  • – Increase sales
  • – Consider taking supplier discounts


Many industries in the business to business community can benefit by using our invoice factoring service.  If your business has opportunities and cash flow is holding you back our invoice factoring programs can provide a quick solution.  Take a look at our benefits..

  • – No extra charge for same day funding
  • – Pick and select the invoices you want to factor
  • – No monthly minimum requirements
  • – No extra nickel and dime fee’s
  • – Factoring rates as low as 1%.
  • – Advances range from 80% to  95%

Invoice factoring services make it pretty simple. Invoice your customers and let us advance your cash and we do the waiting for payment allowing you to do what you do best.

Don’t let waiting around for payments slow your business down.

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